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Our Technology Expense Management solutions will help transform the view and management of your IT and telecoms environment, providing for the first time a joined up, complete and concise understanding of your IT and telecom estate. Discover more about how the world of technology is developing with the evolution of TEM.

Technology Expense Management (TEM)

Veropath deliver improved visibility and control through our powerful business intelligence software platform. This helps to drive cost reduction across your mobile, fixed and WAN environments. Our SaaS application enables you to optimise your IT and telecoms estate by reducing spend, identifying billing discrepancies and enabling accurate, informed decision-making.

Veropath’s powerful analytics enables a comprehensive reporting of assets and usage, so that unnecessary expenditure, under-utilised services, under-performing contracts and uncompetitive tariffs can be identified.

The application supports all major currencies.

Our Technology Expense Management solutions provide business intelligence reporting to:

  • Deliver substantial savings
  • Optimise the IT and telecom estate
  • Deliver better supplier governance
  • Enable user policy management
  • Improve financial management
  • Provide accurate asset control
Inventory management

Telecom inventory management

Veropath’s telecom inventory management shows exactly what you have in your telecom estate so you can make rational, well-informed decisions about your telecoms.

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Personal cost management

Personal Cost Management (PCM)

Veropath offers a powerful personal cost management solution for enterprises looking to implement a consistent and integrated approach to mobility management to automatically identify personal phone use to increase control and reduce spend.

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Usage management

Telecom usage management

Veropath’s telecom usage management ensures that your employees are using the right telecom services in the right way for effective telecom cost reduction.

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Sourcing management

Telecom sourcing management

It’s all about finding the right supplier and getting the best out of the contract strategically and consistently. Veropath’s telecom sourcing management allows you to do this and reduce telecom costs.

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Order management

Telecom order management

Take advantage of Veropath’s telecom order management to gain better control over the telecom assets and services you buy and improve the efficiency of your order processes.

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Reporting and business intelligence

Reporting and business intelligence

Whether your reporting requirements are simple or complex, Veropath’s reporting and business intelligence functionality meets your requirements, from standard to customised reports.

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Dispute management

Telecom dispute management

Veropath’s telecom dispute management will put your business in control, by providing a single information source for the management of all billing-related disputes.

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