Announcing the Release of Veropath 2

August, 2017, Technology Expense Management (TEM)

Veropath is pleased to announce Veropath 2 (VP2) is now available for general release. Developed using the latest web and cloud technologies, the application enables enterprises to perform Technology Expense Management using enhanced visualisation, automated analysis and call to action alerts, quickly addressing the areas that drive cost and management efficiencies.

Built in Microsoft Azure to handle Big Data, VP2 supports a growing range of IT data sources, beyond simply Telecoms to now include Software, Subscriptions and Hardware. Our unique single asset repository provides users with the ability to define the relationship between assets, and mitigate risks when making decisions by providing a complete transparent picture – for example, linking circuits to routers, fixed lines to PBX’s, or mobile hardware to voice rentals. Our custom dashboards and automated analysis services provide users with access to all the underlying transactional data to build and share an unlimited and user-defined array of visualisations relevant to their business requirements, all governed by our user data security layer, restricting data access as required.

In addition, our portal allows users to benefit from a range of management modules with predefined alert tiles, including: Budgets, Finance, Contract, Invoice, Personal Cost Management (PCM) and Inventory. Built on an SQL Data Warehouse of transactional data obtained directly from the supplier and enriched with metadata from the client, the combination of SQL Azure and SQL DW Azure provides an efficient and scalable solution for any size of client.

Our drive for accuracy and transparency is based on the lowest level data we can obtain. Our repricing and benchmarking allow clients not only to validate to the transaction level within their invoice, but also to provide a framework for building intelligent profiles which can be used in benchmark activities, tracking areas of improvements across all aspects for the structure, in either local or corporate currency.

VP2 was designed to be linearly scalable and used in global markets under different deployment methodologies; by our own staff for managed services and by clients and partners. Therefore, we developed the application to be completely cloud based and accessible through any HTML 5 browser; this means faster setup times (days not months) and the ability to deploy the application globally in any language and into any market/jurisdiction. In conjunction with our dedicated analyst teams, clients can benefit from a fully managed service to a completely self-service solution, with the comfort of knowing their data is encrypted at rest and in transit, fully backed up using the latest data management technologies.