Telecom Contract Management delivers savings of 24% of spend for UK’s largest chocolate manufacturer


UK locations



unused landlines

Doubled savings from contract renewal


Savings of


of spend


Thorntons is one of the UK’s largest chocolate confectionery manufacturers and retailers. Established in 1911, it has a long heritage and employs some 4,000 people with over 300 stores throughout the UK.

In terms of the telecom situation, the company already had a number of large telecom contracts in place but knew that they could improve the situation with some accurate bench-marking and streamlined management of these contracts. Thorntons approached Veropath to initially provide telecom contract management services to deliver savings through offering the business greater and more efficient control of their telecom estate.

The challenge

The Veropath team worked with Thorntons’ IT team to perform a telecoms audit which provided a single, granular inventory and usage profile of their entire telecoms estate.

By bench-marking all of Thorntons’ telecom contracts, the Veropath application was able to identify which mobile, broadband and landline contracts would benefit from being switched when they came up for renewal.

Veropath also worked with the Thorntons’ Operations team to introduce the portal’s Telecom Usage Management solution as an integral part of all future store openings and closures.
Thanks to transparency and fine detail provided by the Veropath, the telecom contract management solution delivered savings for the Thorntons’ team by enabling them to:

  • optimise tier rating
  • reprice, based on actual usage
  • improve telecom asset management and tracking


As part of the initial audit and bench-marking assignment, Veropath identified 100 landlines that were not being used. They also doubled the amount of savings expected from the contract renewal process, with savings of 24% of spend. Subsequently, the actual spend and savings are tracked monthly by reporting and business intelligence, and further improvements continue to be made on mobile, landline and network services. Veropath’s relationship with Thorntons has been extended for a further three years, with additional operational support for mobile phone users as part of the organisation’s mobility management.

Veropath now handles the project management and contract renegotiation for the business as part of their telecom contract management process. Furthermore, Veropath also manages the handover process to new telecom providers, all to ensure that their telecom contract management delivers savings for years to come.

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"Veropath's understanding of the market and their project management skills have been absolutely brilliant."

Mark Robson, CFO, Thorntons