Telecoms Audit identifies major savings for leading UK dental group


UK locations


reduction in annual spend

Mobile contract extension reduced spend by

24% pa


savings in audio-conferencing


mydentist has over 650 dental practice locations throughout the UK. With no previous telecoms audit or expense management system established to review its landline, mobile or WAN assets and usage, the group’s telecom spend was not being properly managed. In addition, due to the group’s growth-by-acquisition of new practices, the telecom estate was fragmented and lacked comprehensive control.

What we did

The Veropath team was invited to perform an initial telecoms audit to review mydentist’s landline and mobile estates. They ran RFP processes on behalf of the group in order to secure more competitive and flexible deals once their existing contracts had ended. In the case of the landline estate, Veropath managed the migration of lines from the incumbent to a new supplier utilising a phased approach to mitigate against early termination fees.

A further review of services including WAN and audio-conferencing was undertaken. Via Veropath’s powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, the telecoms audit identified considerable room for improvement in the existing audio-conferencing contract. This highlighted how users could access the conference bridge in a more cost effective way.


The Veropath team negotiated on behalf of mydentist to agree a more favourable contract with a new supplier for landline services. This contained no termination penalties, and furthermore, allowed greater flexibility to administer the telecom estate as new practices were acquired. This contract yielded a reduction in mydentist’s ongoing annual spend of around 27%. Negotiations with mydentist’s mobile supplier resulted in a contract extension to reduce spend by 24% per annum.

Subsequently, the team negotiated a contract extension including the implementation of a converged voice solution. This provides all mydentist practices with a fully resilient WAN and VoIP infrastructure while reducing ongoing spend by a further 30% per annum.

The telecoms audit identified a 3.4% historic billing error in mydentist’s landline estate. The Veropath team worked with mydentist to realise a credit for the charges billed in error and they resolved the underlying issues to prevent further errors from ongoing invoices, using the powerful Veropath platform and telecom invoice management function.

Deploying a new conference bridge number along with negotiating more competitive rates delivered an 81% reduction in mydentist’s audio-conferencing service and usage costs.

Next steps

Mydentist and Veropath are working together to complete an aggressive roll-out of the converged solution to all practices in the estate in order to realise savings within 12 months of contract signature. Veropath’s support function provides expert guidance and issue resolution to ensure a smooth transition for practices with legacy services, including BT Featureline.

In addition, mydentist continues to use Veropath’s effective reporting capability to conduct an on-going telecoms audit in order to realise ongoing savings year-after-year.

businessman on mobile after telecoms audit



"Working with Veropath has allowed mydentist not only to save considerable sums of cash which can be reinvested into the business, but they have also provided us with a more efficient telecom service."

Alan Rawstron, Director of IT, mydentist