Veropath provides Telecom Expense Management Software for FTSE 100 International Bank to reduce landline spend by 33%


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Reduced annual landline spend by



This enterprise has approximately 1,000 locations throughout the UK. The Veropath team won an RFP to deploy their Telecom Expense Management software on the bank’s telecom estate which was split between two core suppliers for Landline/WAN and Mobile.

In addition, their Personal Cost Management (PCM) solution was also deployed. This enabled all employees’ mobile device use to be tracked and any personal usage to be identified and charged back (according to company policy).

The challenge

All available billing data for the previous 24 months along with contracts and associated telecom information was loaded into Veropath’s Telecom Expense Management (TEM) platform. This equated to loading approximately 5m individual transactions, split across 75 invoices, per month.

This data was interrogated to identify the various ways the company could optimise and rationalise their landline and mobile estates. All invoices processed by the TEM software were validated to ensure the monthly average of 3,250,118 minutes, 268,084 SMS and 415GB of data were billed correctly.

User accounts for the company’s 8,000+ mobile devices were created and added to the portals monthly PCM cycle.


Veropath’s bespoke TEM software and analytical team identified savings areas across both landline and mobile services:

  • A total bill error rebate of 20% on annual landline spend.
  • Benchmarking of the landline estate indicated that the banks existing contract was out-of-line with market rates by around 29% per annum.
  • Total optimisation and rationalisation items identified against landline services confirmed the company could reduce annual landline spend by as much as 33%
  • Mobile spend could be reduced by around 10%.

PCM was deployed to all the bank’s users who log into the Veropath portal every month to allocate and self-certify their calls, with over 90% of users consistently approving their bill each month. Assistance to users is provided by Veropath’s in-house support function, whose average response time is under 15 minutes and resolution time is consistently under 30 minutes, (with over 60% of issues resolved on first touch).

Next steps

Telecom Expense Management software continues to support the bank in implementing savings items to realise cost reductions. At the same time, the TEM service continually validates invoices while seeking further opportunities to reduce spend across the estate.

The initial contract to provide TEM and PCM services has expanded to include the loading of additional data-sets, including an asset inventory to complement the current telecoms inventory. The portal now manages over 12,000 mobile devices.

Veropath have also integrated mobile data usage itemisation into their PCM solution in order to give the bank full visibility of employees’ mobile voice and data usage, whilst helping manage not only the cost but also the security risks associated with the mobile estate.

The data element is being deployed by Veropath’s partner, Wandera, who offers advanced mobile security management and threat prevention. This provides actionable, real-time visibility, intelligent policy control and data compression capabilities to allow monitoring and control of data usage, prevent threats and avoid “bill shock”.

Now, both voice and data usage (which includes 100m data transactions per month) are displayed to users, including managers and admin users, in order to better understand data usage patterns as the company transitions from a BlackBerry to Apple environment. Further discussions are taking place to expand the Telecom Expense Management software and Personal Cost Management services to other territories.

Veropath’s Telecom Expense Management services helped FTSE 100 international bank. Contact us to find out how we can help you.