Veropath’s Mobile Asset Management saves 30% of telecom costs for Europe’s leading home improvement retailer


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Kingfisher is Europe’s leading home improvement retailer and the third largest in the world. It has around 970 stores in eight countries in Europe and Asia and manages leading brands including B&Q, Castorama and Screwfix.

Kingfisher engaged Veropath to provide mobile asset management services on their estate, which was primarily contracted with a single global supplier but was engaged with 12 suppliers in total. The company was receiving 50 telecoms invoices per month which included around 2,500,000 charge items relating to 700 locations.

Veropath’s personal cost management solution was required to run the company’s 2,500 active mobile assets and services which were spread across UK, Spain, France and Germany for improved mobile asset management.  These devices were consuming 413GB of data on average per month (27GB roaming, 386GB domestic).

What we did

First, the Veropath team carried out a telecoms audit across the entire Kingfisher telecom environment to create an accurate profile of their telecom estate and its usage, covering landline, mobile and WAN. The analysis revealed that Kingfisher would meet the financial commitment to its main supplier six months ahead of the contract end date. This allowed Kingfisher to discuss early termination of the existing contract.

By bench-marking the incumbent supplier, Veropath confirmed the current contract was no longer a good commercial match for Kingfisher’s profile. They also found significant financial benefits would be made by introducing alternative suppliers and technologies.


The Veropath team worked with Kingfisher to migrate appropriate services to alternative suppliers and establish a multi-supplier environment. Using our powerful mobile asset management platform, Kingfisher can now better understand and manage their entire telecom estate and mobile assets. Consolidated reporting and business intelligence means that information is presented in a single format – right across the business.  For example, they now know that 5,482,107 minutes of calls are loaded and validated on average per month on the portal, giving a fast, accurate picture of the estate that would previously have taken time to uncover.

Veropath were also asked to provide mobile administration services to Kingfisher as part of the mobile asset management initiative including:

  • Holding stock listings on their behalf
  • Managing upgrades and supplier relationships
  • Ordering
  • Invoice disputes
  • Enforcing company usage policy.


A potential £1m worth of inappropriate usage was the starting point and they saved 30% of telecom costs by eliminating unnecessary services as well as by changing providers and technology.

Now that Kingfisher’s telecom estate is ‘clean’, the company uses Veropath’s effective reporting and business intelligence capability to uncover ongoing savings year-after-year. Thanks to the analytics capability of the Veropath portal, the organisation has gained increased visibility of their telecom estate, enabling them to make better informed decisions. They are able to see where the costs are going, can reallocate them and reduce them in order to optimise the estate.

Veropath’s Telecom Expense Management software services drastically reduced the costs of Europe’s largest home improvement retailer. Contact us to find out how our mobile asset management service can help you.

"We need to control the assets, know the business rules and the tariffs for each type of call and track the detail. Veropath lets me do that, making my contract options more innovative"