Telecom Expense Management services for a leading UK-based high street retailer to deliver genuine £500k saving


UK locations

Inventory of


mobile connections

Average of


calls validated each month



mins. of calls validated


The Veropath team was asked to provide Telecom Expense Management services (TEM) to a leading UK based high street retailer with over 240 locations across 27 countries. The Veropath team has been providing TEM to this customer since 2009, helping them to control their UK telecom estate and manage costs.

In addition to carrying out their day-to-day telecom expense management across their 178 UK locations, the Veropath team was asked to provide telecom contract management in reviewing and validating a new proposal that the retailer had received from its existing landline supplier. This proposed contract was claiming to save the retailer £500,000 per year on its UK landline estate, over a 7 year period. The details included the provision of a new technology-based SIP platform. The powerful Veropath analytics tool was well-suited to assess and validate the financial impact of deploying this new technology.

The challenge

There were two principal objectives contained within the proposed contract; Veropath were asked to assess what the impact of each would be: –

  1. Changing the technology of the existing traditional ISDN and PBX telecoms estate over to a Cloud-based SIP platform that would allow greater flexibility to manage the retailer’s network at the touch of a button;
  2. The commercial implications of implementing the new technology – ensuring that this change was commercially attractive when compared to current costs.

The Veropath portal was populated with all the relevant telecom data and the following analytics were found:-

  • 6 invoices loaded per month across 5 suppliers
  • Cost allocation was applied to over 200 cost centres/locations per month, per invoice
  • Inventory maintained of 2,500 mobile connections
  • Average of 500,000 calls validated each month
  • Over 1 million of minutes of calls loaded and validated


Veropath’s Telecom Expense Management services were able to compare the two technologies at both a location and a cost centre spend level. The analysis findings allowed the retailer to challenge the supplier on the commercial efficiency of their proposal and ultimately, this enabled them to identify several areas in need of refinement which directly impacted on cost.

Essentially, the supplier claimed that the savings would be £500k, but thanks to Veropath’s forensic level investigation and validation abilities, that figure was found to be closer to £300k. Ultimately, after a number of iterations and further reviews, Veropath enabled the retailer to secure a contract which contained a genuine £500k saving per year, as had originally been specified.

Thanks to the powerful analytics of the Veropath’s telecom expense management services, the retailer gained detailed visibility of their telecom estate which enabled them to make a better informed decision on this telecom issue and on an ongoing basis. They were able to see where their costs are going, are able to reallocate them and reduce them in order to optimise the estate. Find out how our Telecom Expense Management solutions can do the same for you.