EU Data roaming charges are scrapped, but it’s never that simple!

From 15th June, roaming charges in EU countries will no longer apply.

This is clearly good news, but organisations need to beware; the new regulations are not quite as simple as they might at first seem. Indeed, measures must still be taken in some cases to avoid bill shock.

Key things to take note of: –

1. Data capping. Remember, there is still a cap on data usage when roaming – it is not endless. And if your employees exceed their data usage limit, then their resulting bill might be considerable.

2. Different mobile phone carriers may define “Europe/EU” in different ways, so you need to be watchful, particularly if, like many large organisations that we work with, you use several mobile suppliers. You should be particularly careful with regards to some of the islands off the coast of the UK – such as the Isle of Man for example. And within continental Europe itself there may be some anomalies amongst carriers when it comes to charges in Switzerland or Turkey – they might be scrapped or reduced or remain unchanged.

3. Calling abroad – the new rules apply only when travelling. So, if you’re in the UK but calling abroad, then existing charges will still apply and you could be stung for unexpected charges.

One thing that no one can answer right now is how the charging rules and structure will change (or not) after Brexit. But for all other questions regarding this EU roaming charges and how the regulatory changes will affect your organisation, come and ask us at Veropath – we have been experts in telecoms and mobile device management for more than 12 years and can guide you through this change and its implications on your business.

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