Microsoft Azure

We’ve re-built our entire TEM analytics portal to provide our clients with an improved user experience and a superior service.

The new features and benefits of our platform have been enabled by the capabilities that Microsoft Azure brings, built specifically to harness big data analytics.


Using the latest Microsoft Azure technologies such as Azure Data Factory and Azure HDInsight to facilitate Big Data management, which are in turn delivered using Azure SQL Database, our advanced tools make your data accessible. Our dashboards are clear and information-rich to enable you to visualise your data so that it’s easy to understand.


We take security seriously. With Single sign-on, transparent data encryption, dynamic data masking, and secure Azure Blob Storage, your data is safe with us. And with a global network of Microsoft datacenters, your data remains local in your region while it’s monitored under the watchful eye of Azure Application Insights.

Microsoft Azure


Using the Azure API Apps service, Veropath integrates with your current apps to extract data, helping you to build intelligent relationships between data structures. Fully customisable, the Veropath platform is built around your data and your business requirements to deliver cost savings and business-class metadata management.

Next-gen technology

The Veropath suite of modules empowers you with greater visibility into your data to help mitigate risks, improve efficiency, and enable quick data-driven business decisions. Veropath is next-generation expense management technology built on the most advanced cloud infrastructure, Azure.

Microsoft Azure logo

“The Veropath TEM platform utilises some of the latest Microsoft Azure technologies to help customers manage big data analytics and receive the additional benefits of scalability, high availability and reliability of the hyper-scale Microsoft Cloud.”

Andrea Carl, Director, Commercial Communications, Microsoft Corp.