IntelligentComms supporting Integrated Dental Holdings (IDH) in Telecoms Lifecycle Management (TLM)

IntelligentComms, ( a leading provider of business intelligence software, today announces that it has been chosen by Integrated Dental Holdings (IDH), the UK’s largest Dental Group, with over 3 million patients and a network of over 500 practices nationwide, to enter a contract for the supply of its Veropath TLM services solution to support IDH’s ongoing telecoms estate management and control.

Mark Robson, Chief Financial Officer at IDH said,

I have previous experience of using IntelligentComms’ Veropath platform and services and a high regard for the technology, the quality of people and project management skills and general customer support. Furthermore, with our plans to grow significantly by acquisition, IDH is assimilating new practices on a frequent basis.  IntelligentComms will provide us with a technical framework and services to manage the significant telecoms cost in our business on a continuous lifecycle basis and this is important for IDH as it removes business risk and improves efficiency.

Initially IntelligentComms will, on IDH’s behalf, use the powerful Veropath portal to capture the necessary data and build a detailed and accurate inventory for optimised telecom inventory management.  Once this is complete, IntelligentComms will work alongside IDH supply management to analyse and optimise the telecoms services they receive across both fixed and mobile services.

We are delighted to be selected by IDH for this partnership” said David Booker, CEO at IntelligentComms.

“IDH’s selection of IntelligentComms and their appreciation of the value of the telecom contract management services we will provide working alongside the IDH team, is very satisfying for us and we look forward to a successful and profitable partnership for both companies”.