New Hardware Asset Inventory Module

We have now extended our solution further with the release of our Hardware Asset Inventory Module.  The telecom inventory management solution has been enhanced to enable management of hardware assets – including adding items to the inventory, allocation and de-allocation, allowing users to understand what equipment is connected, not connected, is not required, or is out of warranty.  The object-centric search enables users to see any linked services with either metadata items such as cost centres, addresses, hardware items, or service numbers.

Features: The module has been designed for use in the Mobile and WAN space, and can easily incorporate PBX, Fax, Video Conference equipment etc. – in fact, anything which is directly connected to the telecoms service.  A user can add custom fields to different types of objects within the system and assign values to them, tailored to the specific requirements of their business.

Benefits: Using data extracted from a the existing IT Asset Inventory, this module provides immediate and accurate information to assist decision-making when reviewing services and associated costs.

If you would like to know more about how your organisation can benefit from adopting our new hardware asset telecom inventory management solution, please contact your Veropath account manager.