Contract management

Telecom contract management

As part of our IT & telecom lifecycle management platform, Veropath’s telecom contract management solution ensures that you get precisely what you signed up for in your contracts. The Veropath portal’s clear dashboards and alerts enable you to do this easily. Our solution continually tracks actual usage against what was committed to in the contract and identifies when you’re hitting your contractual commitment or triggering penalty clauses.

The portal provides business intelligence to help you negotiate contract renewals, upgrades and terminations, and avoid incurring unnecessary charges from penalty clauses.

The contract management module allows you to enter all your tariff for non-recurring, recurring and usage which then in turn drives:

  • Invoice validation
  • Discount monitoring
  • Production optimisation
  • Budgeting/forecasting

All telecom contracts and related documents are stored in one centralised location, along with key data about each contract, such as start and end dates, agreed commitment levels, terms and tariff structure, etc. This enables you to monitor multiple carrier contract compliance, and allows you to set up automated alerts of upcoming contract expiry or renewal dates

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