Inventory management

Telecom inventory management

Veropath’s telecom inventory management shows exactly what you have in your telecom estate so you can make rational, well-informed decisions about your telecoms. The solution incorporates information about all fixed, mobile and WAN services into a single, centralised database including:

  • Invoices and usage
  • Supplier details
  • Associated hardware 
  • Rate plans

The telecom inventory management feature is supplier agnostic and can hold details about an unlimited number of your assets. You can view and interrogate the telecom inventory at any time to find out what you have, where it is located, and what it is costing.

Through our easy to use search and reporting capabilities, the telecom inventory management system allows you to create and save your own items for further investigation to assist your decision-making when reviewing services and their associated costs. To further improve your visibility and control and help to reduce costs, take a look at out our other Technology Expense Management solutions.

Veropath gives you visibility. Only then can you take control.