Usage management

Telecom usage management

Veropath’s telecom usage management solution contributes to telecom cost reduction. It ensures that your employees are using the right telecom services in the right ways through enabling you to analyse call patterns, identify employee misuse and track changing call trends.

Your estate is likely to hold millions of transactions of telecom usage – this is the perfect place for misuse and underoptimised services to go unnoticed. Our telecom usage management unpicks the data and identifies the problem areas to achieve estate rationalisation, product optimisation, more efficient call routing and improved usage policy monitoring. Ultimately, this contributes to improved governance and telecom cost reduction.

The advanced search and reporting features of the telecom usage management solution enables you to create items for further investigation. Accurate trend analysis will indicate where you can implement any employee behavioural changes to improve processes, increase efficiencies and reduce telecom costs. Find out more about Veropath’s Telecom Expense Management resolutions, so we can help you reduce costs today.

Veropath gives you visibility. Only then can you take control.