Veropath re-architects its Telecom Expense Management (TEM) platform to harness the power of Microsoft Azure

Customers welcome Microsoft Azure enhancements to Veropath’s TEM solution to enable greater application scalability, automation, self-serve capabilities, customer configurable desktop/reporting and improved management control.

Press Release.

Edinburgh, UK – May 2016 – Veropath Ltd today announces the release of its Veropath II solution which has been re-architected using the advanced capabilities of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and associated tools. Veropath chose Azure to enable significant enhancements to its TEM application to process and manage big data applications, provide customizable and easy-to-use reporting and enable customers and partners to self-serve. The Veropath II Telecom Expense Management platform is used by large enterprises to manage their complex IT and telecom estates (landline, mobile, WAN); but it now includes the related technology expense management of telecom and IT hardware, software, hardware maintenance and subscriptions, in order to rationalise and optimise the sourcing and management of these assets and make significant savings.
Veropath’s enterprise customers will benefit significantly from the capabilities that the Azure platform has enabled. These benefits include:

• Higher levels of inherent security and data protection by using Azure for data encryption for data at rest and encrypted blob storage for data in transit,
• Flexible scalability using new technologies offered in Azure supporting SQL eDTU’s-to-scale on demand, delivering consistent end user performance,
• Big Data processing using Data Factory services, helping clients load large data volumes across all services including telecom, URL, hardware, software and subscriptions services,
• Deep dive analytics with access to integrated Power BI workspace to handle Big Data analysis,
• API based application to support integration with 3rd-party suppliers to reduce need for manual data exporting,
• Application is held on Microsoft Azure App service delivering an array of comprehensive modules in different languages and currencies supporting asset management, invoice workflow processing, map visualisation, custom dashboards, contract analysis, savings projects and telecom dispute management.

Veropath II addresses the evolution of Telecom Expense Management to encompass the management of all enterprise technology assets and represents a next generation of TEM – Technology Expense Management.

The utilisation of Azure enables this new market to be addressed with seamless scalability, highly flexible operational support whilst enabling a self-serve capability; this moves the application from being a predominantly managed-service proposition to SaaS, complemented by either partner or customer resource – in the latter case, becoming a complete self-serve environment and driving down the cost of these services to end customers.

David Booker, Veropath’s CEO, commented on this nextgen evolution: “Microsoft Azure, and its associated tools, have enabled us to completely redesign and rebuild our TEM application over the last 12 months to address what our customers were asking for, in new and improved asset management capabilities, scalable performance and operational flexibility. For both our existing and new customers, this drives greater and more rapidly achieved efficiencies/savings, higher productivity, state-of-the-art reporting and management tools, and represents a step-change in the way our enterprise customers manage their technology assets.”

• Our TEM solution covers the management of transactional usage, sourcing, reporting, ordering and provisioning, invoice and dispute handling, inventory, contracts and personal cost management among others. Please take a look at our website for an easy-to-read summary of our solutions.
• Information at your fingertips – the Veropath portal can be accessed securely from a PC/laptop, at home or in the office, and also via smart devices for when you’re on the move.

“The Veropath TEM platform utilizes some of the latest Microsoft Azure technologies to help customers manage big data analytics,” said Andrea Carl, Director, Commercial Communications, Microsoft Corp. “And receive the additional benefits of scalability, high availability and reliability of the hyper-scale Microsoft Cloud.”

Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services – analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web – for moving faster, achieving more and saving money.
Veropath provides Technology Expense Management (TEM) services for international enterprises. We help with the challenge of managing increasingly complex IT and telecom estates and examine the entire lifecycle of all your technology assets.
Our Microsoft Azure-based analytics portal gives full visibility of an IT and telecom estate – Landline, Mobile and WAN and related IT – with the creation of a detailed asset inventory and usage profile. All the key information about an organisation’s telecom technology, data and people is brought together within this centralised application, so it’s possible to see exactly what assets there are, where they are located and how they are being used.

Using this detail it is then possible to assess how to optimise and manage the estate better, and identify where savings of up to 30% can be made.


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