A Newly Transformed Platform: Single Sign-On Technology Expense Management

Veropath Ltd, the UK based TEM specialists, have introduced further enhancements to its MS Azure-based analytics platform.

Latest enhancements to the Veropath 2 TEM platform

The Veropath single sign-on Technology Expense Management portal now allows users to access all the applications and resources they require to do business, by signing in only once using a single user account. Once signed in, users can access all of the applications they need – including the Veropath portal – without being required to authenticate (e.g. type a password) again.

The advantages

  1. No passwords are held locally in Veropath
  2. Password complexity and expiry are now set by each client’s security policy
  3. Staff are blocked access automatically when disabled on a client’s network
  4. Fewer passwords for the user to remember

This supports the Azure Active Directory SSO (AAD) which requires a client to also be using AAD. Azure Active Directory extends on-premises Active Directory into the cloud and enables users to use their primary organisational account to not only sign in to their domain-joined devices and company resources, but also to access all the web and SaaS applications they need to carry out their job.

How does this help?

With Veropath’s new and improved single sign-on Technology Expense Management platform, not only do users no longer have to manage multiple sets of usernames and passwords, their applications access can be automatically provisioned or de-provisioned based on their organisation group members, and also their status as an employee.

Azure AD enables easy integration to many of today’s popular SaaS applications, providing identity and access management. This also gives users single sign-on access to applications directly, allowing them to discover and launch these from a portal such as Office 365 or the Azure AD access panel.

Going forward, Veropath will introduce further single sign-on methods including Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). Federated single sign-on enables applications to redirect to Azure AD for user authentication instead of prompting for its own password. This is supported for applications that support protocols and is the richest mode of single sign-on.

To find out more about our new and improved single sign-on Technology Expense Management platform, contact a member of the Veropath team today!