3-2-1. Veropath launches.

On 28th September 2015 IntelligentComms Ltd changed its name to Veropath Ltd. Whilst the company name has changed, the legal status and office address remain the same. The company’s business remains fundamentally unaffected by this change and all contracts with existing customers will remain unaltered, with corresponding obligations and rights assumed under the new name.

David Booker, Veropath’s CEO commented, “Now is a great time for us to refresh our brand. We’ll still be the same company, run in the same way, with the same people and essentially the same product. But going forward, there will be a broader and greater functionality within the Veropath portal, as well as more scalable and faster operations capabilities. In addition, you will see a step-change in ease-of-use and accessibility of our product features that we are developing and enhancing for all our customers. And of course you will be able to take advantage of the growing international success being enjoyed by the newly named Veropath company.

As we are retaining the same company registration number, SC225788 , all current contracts will remain valid under their existing terms. Our VAT registration number will also remain unchanged – 790078023.

Feel free to further explore our business intelligence software and contact us at info@veropath.com if you have any questions.