Veropath Portal Enhancements

IntelligentComms announces new features and enhancements to the Veropath portal.

A number of new elements and improvements have been implemented to make the portal even easier to use.

For example, the Auto-analysis and savings management features have been enhanced to include:

  • Tracking of ceased services still billing
  • Tracking of closed locations still billing
  • Tracking of duplicate charges
  • Added functionality so that advanced search export is compressed into zip archive minimising the size of the download.

And enhancements to the Search functionality include: –

  • Telecom inventory management advanced search now has the ability to group results and to ¬†pick columns for the results
  • Included ability for advanced usage search to allow choosing of columns for display in output grid
  • Amended usage export to contain all available columns within export
  • Application theming and skinning

Further enhancements to performance and reliability on the portal have also been released.  Please contact your account manager if you would like to find out more.